quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2009

quarta-feira, 15 de julho de 2009

Ash - Burn Baby Burn

Ms. Jade - Ching Ching

What about my ching ching ching!!!

What about my bling bling bling!!!

What about the money that I spent up today!!!!

terça-feira, 14 de julho de 2009

Dinosaur Jr - Over It

can not make it here
im over it,
I've been feelin weird
get over it,
cannot wind up free
im over it,
is there more to see
im over it,

what else should i do,
if i run around for you,
what am i supposed to do,
keep it comin ohh they do,

we still last so long
got over it,
up on the late
an all go over it,
can't escape the task
not over it,
wait if you need a ask
im over it,
ohh wooooohoooowooooooo

its you
having picked me out its true,
i would .. doooooooo
life's so easy to get through,

im in arms offense
now its makein sense i see,
if i go any where i can buy most things i need to believe

i got lost in thought im over it,
all i almost lost not over it,
i got things to get, get over it,
hasn't happened yet, im over it,

now its time to do
all the things you say are true
i been waitin now we doo
wen i needed you came through,
can i run right into you
getin lost in nothin blue,
i need everything thats true
would you pick me over you,
now after all thats been im glad i show all we've seen

quarta-feira, 8 de julho de 2009

Bratisla Boys - Stach Stach Video


sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2009

Outro Som para Sexta Feira!!!

Doctors Mc's - Sexta feira

doctors MC's - tic-tac


quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2009

JSBX - Wail

Video dirigido pelo "weird al yankovic" GÊNIO!!!

Ben Folds - Rockin' the Suburbs

Não sabia disso mas o video foi dirigido pelo "weird al yankovic"

Confront - "Fall from Grace"

Conheci hj e gostei muito!

Jon Brion - Knock yourself out

Um dos filmes mais legais que eu ja vi, e a trilha de Jon Brion Detona MUUUUITO!

Coconut Records - coconut records

Mais um vídeo prezissimo dele